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Depression or Anxiety

Let’s be clear from the start – there are levels of depression that can be alleviated

only with psychiatric help. If not specific psychiatric help, then clinical or medical. A

diagnosis of ‘clinical depression’, for example, may well be out of reach of

counselling – at least of counselling alone. Prescribed medication may be an

essential component to this and be under no illusion – that is not something that I am

qualified to give you.

But it may still be possible to help you, in tandem with medication and regular

medical oversight.

Still, let’s not pretend; the word ‘depression’ – along with ‘stress’ or ‘anxiety’ - is quite

often overused or incorrect. They may be the best words you have but that doesn’t

mean they apply to your particular feelings or thoughts or behaviours.

Perhaps it is sometimes more appealing to some that they can have a label or

diagnosis to hang on to – especially if it can explain more easily your unhappiness.

Such a label can be just as dangerous and counter-productive to your needs as not

having one when it’s really needed. Sometimes, a diagnosis can get in the way of

your efforts to recover in the same way as the absence of one when it’s the only

appropriate route.

If all that counselling can achieve is to help you explore all these options and make

your own decisions - or just hold you and offer you the space to make them – maybe

that’s enough. Who knows? Well, in the end, only you know.

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