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Every counsellor is fully committed to regular, good quality supervision. I offer this

service as one who knows its value and the responsibility that comes with it. 

There are, of course, fundamental differences between the processes of counselling

and supervision which requires a degree of direction and mentoring that counselling

does not. But the quality of the relationship between us - the trust, confidentiality and

non-judgemental environment – needs to be the same.

As a counsellor, you are taking yourself to the session and offering your own, unique

persona; it can be exhausting, frustrating, dispiriting or elating. Counselling is not

simply for the duration of the hour-long session but a way of being which takes many

years of doubt and self-evaluation to develop to any degree of competence. As  

counsellors striving to be of some benefit to other human beings we never stop

questioning ourselves and we most certainly never stop learning.

The frequency of our supervision will be guided by how many clients you are

seeing and the minimum requirements laid down by the BACP

Supervision, in its most literal sense, is oversight.  No oversight can be of any

value without constructive critical comment and no critical comment can be

described as constructive if it doesn’t offer alternatives.

I will always try to make my supervision, both of your counselling work and of

you as a counsellor, constructive, honest and helpful to your personal as well as

professional development.

As we know, they are ultimately one and the same.


I also offer facilitation and training sessions or courses, either single-issue or more

generic, person-centred counselling and listening skills.

I have facilitated and devised 8 & 10 week courses for Cruse Bereavement Services

and, over weekends, Anger Management, PTSD, the psychodynamic theory and

practical application of Projection and Transference and, over much longer periods,

reflective and personal development workshops in Transactional Analysis.

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